Serio Digitalino

was born in November 1956 in Matera (Basilicata), in southern Italy, and has been living in Munich since 1977. His great talent was already evident at school.

The diversity of his artistic expression is inspiring. His art takes the form of sculptures, oil & acrylic paintings and charcoal drawings as well as wall paintings that create the illusion of architecture. In his pictures he plays with colour & light. Sometimes colours are dotted on the canvas, sometimes they are pasted onto the background in furious brushstrokes.

To be able to add even more expression to his art, he has studied privately under the painter Helmut Vakily.

Serio Digitalino senses that his role is not only to create his own art but also to motivate, inspire & support others. He teaches painting & drawing and he organises exhibitions & events with artists working in a wide variety of genres.

Furthermore, he is editor of the culture calendar of Munich's 24th Area, he is a member of the "Künstlerkreis Kaleidoskop", "Künstlerkreis 83" and of "VBK Vereinigung Bildender Künstlerinnen und Künstler" (the Association of Visual Artists), he is deputy chairman of the working group "Kultur am Hasenbergl", and he is active in a number of organisations that aim to encourage the coexistence of cultures.

Serio Digitalino is very connected to nature, and this is evident in his drawings.

With the help of the bark of the kozo tree, he has created a cycle of works that express both the power of nature and the breadth of his ideas.

One of these pictures he has titled "Signora". In this work, the artist demonstrates astonishing sensitivity in the way he has given voice to the message hidden in the grain of the wood: by adding just a few charcoal lines, he has turned the composition into a delicate feminine figure full of erotic grace.

For Serio Digitalino, art is a chance to depict joie de vivre. His wealth is his creativity, his love of experiment with colour & form, and it is a joy for him to interact with people. Through the radiance of colours and the interplay of representation & abstraction, his pictures convey effortless joy.

His aim is to create works that fuse realistic depiction and emotional expression, making them a perfect fit for our modern times.

Group exhibitions:

2001 Rassegna d'Arte dell'Accademia Villastellone (Italy), Chieri Accademia die Folli (Italy),

  • Poirino Salone Italia Nove Muse, Galleria Civica S. Filippo (Italy), Ivrea Incontri D´Arte (AT) (Italy)

2002 Exhibition of precious small artefacts “Purfinger Kieslstoandl”, in the studio Australian Art (Maxvorstadt Munich)

2003 Exhibition Pons Arte, regulars' table of artists in Stadtteil café

2004 Exhibition Pons Arte, regulars' table of artists in Augustinum Munich and in Pegasus Oberschleißheim

2005 Exhibition “Kieslstoandl”, “Zur alten Post” in Parsdorf

2006 IT centre of Sparkasse savings bank in Haar

2008 Exhibition KK83 in Blutenburg castle, Munich

2009 Exhibition artistic pavillon Munich, exhibition quarter week Hasenbergl/Feldmoching

2010 Exhibition KK83 in Blutenburg castle, Munich, Kunstpavilion Munich,  

Individual exhibitions:

1998 Exhibition in Hebertshausen and Schwabinger mile of arts in Munich

1999 Exhibition in public library, Munich

2000 Exhibition S.P. Oberföhring, Munich, and at Karstadt at Nordbad, Munich

2001 Three wall paintings near Regensburg, Exhibition Fonds Laden Munich, City hall of Villanova D`Asti (AT) Italy

2002 Exhibition cultural salon, Drehleier Munich, fund-raiser for Burkina Faso at Rotbuchen school Munich, in “Künstler-Kreis-Kaleidoskop”, Hinterhof theatre and Schlachthof arts centre, Stadtteil café, Hasenbergl and Harthof public libraries in Munich, cultural club of Grafing city bookshop, exhibition and the Classical Magic Kingdom of music at Rotbuchen school Munich; Pflegerstadl Lohen near Schechen

2003 Exhibition of precious small artefacts “Purfinger Kieslstoandl", Stadtteil café, Hotel Isartor, Munich regional cultural department week celebrating city districts, exhibition at art club Schollbrockhaus e.V. in Herne

2004 Exhibition AGS advertisement Welden, “Künstler-Kreis-Kaleidoskop” in the Kilombo Munich, “Munich Art Gallery Fed”

2005 Exhibition in the „Orangerie“ of the English Garden in Munich, gallery Roucka Munich

2006 Exhibition in the city hall of Neukeferloh near Munich, house of culture Pelkovenschlössl in Moosach, St. Nikolaus church, and at the IT centre of Sparkasse savings bank in Haar

2007 “Kieslstoandl”, “Zur alten Post” in Parsdorf, at “Künstler-Kreis-Kaleidoskop”

2008 Exhibition in the city hall of Neukeferloh near Munich

2009 Exhibition at the headquarters of AOK in Munich

Exhibition in the “Alpenhof” hotel Murnau

2010 Exhibition in the “Alpenhof” hotel Murnau

Artistic engagement: Painting & drawing courses, local & international exhibitions of pictures & sculptures, wall painting installations, billboards, logos, CD covers, business cards, postcards.

Public commissions: Wall painting in the school library in Thelottstraße Munich, Art happening at the Hasenbergl citizens' festival, Art happening with children for the Reading Night in Hasenbergl, Art installation for the Social Town Hasenbergl, editing of the Culture Calender for Hasenbergl, interior design and wall paintings for "Der Club" community centre, wood art sculptures with schoolchildren from Moosach in the Haldenberger School.

Planned projects: design of stage settings, art calendars with poems, book illustrations.

His wall paintings in the Thelott school in Munich are fascinating: illusory architecture which is so realistic that the viewer is totally fooled.

Englische Übersetzung: Richard Peters